“They just want to eat our money and go away” but his Father said, “Have Faith”. A story of Overturned Doubts

Second Draw, Winner Story.

Saturday 1st December might have marked the beginning of the last month of the year 2018, but on this day, fortune smiled on Gabriel Austin Arinze,  a 23years old student of the Federal Polytechnic Bida, resident in Zuba Abuja who also works part-time as a spare part dealer, a trade he has engaged in right from his days in Government Secondary School Zuba.

While listening to the radio, Austin’s father Mr. Gabriel Nnorom heard about the Own Your Own promotion, during a live radio show on Wazobia 99.5 FM Abuja. He asked Austin to participate,but he refused and said its most likely a scam, in his own word  “They just want to eat our money and go away” but his Father said, “Have Faith”. On two sperate occasions Arinze’s Dad gave him money to go get tickets so they can enter the Own Your Own draw for November, but Arinze asked him to use the money to get drugs as his father was a bit ill in health at that time. 

Eventually, Arinze agreed to get the tickets and decided while on his way back home he would stop by the Own Your Own office located right on the property being won, to get tickets.

So his Dad gave him the money to buy two tickets and said, “buy one in your name and buy another one in my name” so despite Arinze’s held convictions that a promotion of this nature could not be real, he did just as his dad ask him. He bought two tickets on the 23rd of November just 6days to the end of the 2nd Draw.

The 1st of December, the day for the Own Your Own 2nd Draw came and Arinze’s Dad ever so hopeful reminded him its the Own Your Own raffle draw day, however Arinze could careless because he was all about his “hustle” as he went to the Zuba motor spare part market to conduct his usual part-time job, selling car spare parts.

Watch Arinze and Dad, tell their Story 

Recounting, Raffle Draw Day -1st December 2018

The 2nd draw of the Own Your Own home promotion by Triple-T Premium Estate was held on the 1st of December right at the property currently being won in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital city. In attendance was the representative from the Nigeria lottery regulatory commission and the consumer protection council. The raffle draws are managed and conducted by an independent auditor ( Adenusi and Company ) an indigenous firm of chartered accountants.

The raffle draw drum containing all tickets bought by participants in this draw was rolled by the first draw winner (Mrs. Joy Maha ) who graced the occasion alongside her husband. The winning ticket was picked by a member of the public attending the draw who didn’t buy any ticket and thus not in the draw.

The crowd waited with bated breath and the names and ticket number was called out. Austin Arinze Ticket [Number 89EB3AD] emerged the next fortunate home winner.

It all starts when you get a Ticket, and Arinze would forever be grateful for his father’s persistence that made him get the tickets and his assurance telling Arinze  “Have Faith”.

Stand Up for the Winner!


The Good News.

Austin though not present at the draw, was immediately contacted after his ticket was drawn as the winning ticket. His phone was called over the public address system and repeatedly it went unanswered. The next of kin number provided when he bought his ticket was that of his Dad, so his Dad’s was called. As the good news was given to him, his very first words were  “Thank God”. 

The Own Your Own media team were able to pick-up the Arinze and his Dad up at the popular Zuba spare-part market where interestingly Arinze has become a sort of an instant celebrity as the news spreads quickly.

 Arinze and Dad
Picking Up Arinze from Zuba
Picking Up Arinze from Zuba
Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Arinze and Dad, Proud Home Owner

Why Own Your Own is beyond just a Promo, it is a Movement.

Own Your Own promotion is Nigeria premier and leading win and own a home nationally run promotion by a 100% owned Nigerian real estate firm. Triple-T Premium Estate Limited.

Speaking at the 2nd draw event Media and Public Relation Executive of Triple-T Ms. Faith Bawa, explained in great detail the vision and philosophy behind the Own Your Own promotion and the long-term goals.

She said “choosing to run this promotion as against selling or leasing our premium built block of flats, sets a new standard in creating accessibility to real estate 100% home ownership for many, largely cut off from ever standing a chance at having a decent home of their very own”.

Ms. Bawa further stated that Triple-T chose this phat of making its apartment available to be won via a raffle draw process not because it’s the easiest or most commercially viable option, considering we live in a society with a huge “trust issues”, scams and the likes.

Triple-T chose to run the Own Your Own promotion regardless, because of the driving force behind its vision. To make a positive social impact by being part of the solution to the housing challenge in Nigeria, and helping to bridge the housing gap, one house, one family at a time as against pursuing a solely commercial real estate endeavor that would be beyond the reach of the majority of Nigerians.

She reaffirmed that Triple-T Premium Estate is in this for the long haul, its guiding ethos as an organization is making a positive social impact, guided by uncompromised integrity, credibility, premium service, and quality.

Triple-T through its Own Your Own promotion is confident that with time they would change the wrongly held perception “that nothing good or trustworthy can come out of Nigeria”.

The central and most important goal of Triple-T premium estate through the Own Your Own promotion is to touch lives, and change the fortune of Nigerians still dreaming to own their own home, hence its slogan; Touching lives one house at a time.

 Own Your Own promotion is here to stay, the number of houses being won monthly will gradually but steadily increase. The acceptance of Own Your Own by participants and the general public has been quite encouraging and for Triple-T Premium Estate, its daily pursuit is to continually build premium homes and offer Nigerians the opportunity to win and own their own home via a transparent, fair chanced method at the least cost.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Own Your Own promotion, comprising of 12 apartments of two bedroom flats and 6 apartments of two bedroom flats,has been approved, commissioned, and the project is now ongoing.

How to Own Your Own, Enter the Monthly Draws

Ticket sales for each draw are open for a 30days period and once this period elapses, sales are closed for that draw and then a live raffle draw is conducted by the independent auditor one day after all purchased tickets are collated and verified.

Raffle draws takes place right at the property being won.

A participant who wishes to enter the monthly draw raffle to stand a chance at winning can buy tickets.

Tickets cost N2000 only – and each ticket has a unique number and the more tickets entered into the draw by a participant, they can further better their winning chances.

Each live Raffle draw is monitored by representatives from key government agencies The Consumer Protection Council and the Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission. Triple-T had previously received the permit from these agencies to run this promotion after going through all due processes and checks by these regulatory agencies.

Own Your Own apartments are premium quality built apartments of 2Bed Room ensuite, homes. Located in an easily accessible and serene environment with adjourning beautiful garden space designed and maintained by Triple-T.

Who’s Next?

1st Draw (October Raffle Draw) for Flat-9.won by Mrs. Joy Maha on the 31st of October.

2nd Draw (November Raffle Draw) for Flat-8.won by Mr. Austin Arinze on the 1st of December.


The 3rd Draw (December Raffle Draw )for Flat-7. Ticket sales are now open.

Who will end the year 2018 the next landlord? Who will Win and Own Flat 7                     


Promotion is open to all Nigerians resident in or outside Abuja, Tickets can be purchased online.  

Ticket sales point in Abuja – 

Abuja Ticket Sales Points

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  1. Please, for those of us that purchase tickets online. How do you normally put it in the raffle draw bowl. Please explain to me how you use to do it because I don’t normally come for the draw

    1. Dear John ,Thanks for leaving a comment.Firstly the draws are managed by an independent company of auditors -this is a firm of chartered accountant (Adenusi and Company) they ensure the draw is 100% transparent and outcome is based purely on chance i:e (luck).

      Once ticket sales for any particular draw has closed. The Auditors have a 24 hour window to collate all tickets purchased – they print, verify,box and seal all tickets purchased.

      They bring this to the raffle draw event signed and sealed. Tickets are only opened at the draw event before the public and then all tickets are deposited inside the raffle draw box,the raffle draw box is a transparent box so the public can see all the tickets inside the box.

      Finally the raffle box is closed with every single ticket inside and the box rolled randomly and thoroughly. A member of the public at the event is then picked at random also to dip their hand in the raffle box to pick a ticket. This ticket is the winning ticket and the numbers and name on the ticket is announced to the public present at the event, we also send out SMS messages to all participants soon after a winner emerges and we would also post these ticket details on all our social media handles.

      This is how the winner for each draw emerges and is published so all participants are kept informed .

      Do note also that official from the following government agencies -CPC and National Lottery Regulatory Commission attend every draw and monitor the entire process.

      Please do see the FAQ section on our website for more questions and answers. Many Thanks

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